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My name is Emilia Lorenz. I hold a B.F.A from New Jersey City University. Since graduating, I have explored nature, model and documentary photography, and have been hired to do product photography and social media content for three separate companies. I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and create as a photographer.

Inspired by companies like National Geographic, in addition to my love of nature and the planet, I aspire to use my talent to illuminate and protect the natural wonders of the world.

In my previous body of work, the BFA thesis exhibition, I call attention to the tension between mankind and vital habitat. Documenting the New Jersey Meadowlands, both its beauty and the threats it faces posed by sea level rise and human encroachment. My goal was to highlight that in spite of all the pressures, this habitat remains a beautiful refuge, for both animals and humans alike.

Since then I have worked for three separate companies two of which I currently am photographing for. I am knowledgable in product design, product photography, social media content creation, various forms of editing, etc. I am looking forward to delving into new forms of photography and continuing to master the ones that I am currently involved in.

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